Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation – AMWRRO

Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO), providing a rescue and rehabilitation service for our incredibly unique Australian marine wildlife species.

Found an injured marine animal?

AMWRRO forced to close down


The Current Situation

Dear Members, Supporters and Volunteers,

AMWRRO and its President Aaron Machado were jointly sued for defamation by a Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) employee arising from a letter outlining particular concerns written by Aaron Machado in his capacity as President of AMWRRO concerning an animal welfare case to the DEWNR Minister.

Aaron Machado and AMWRRO claimed the defence of qualified privilege in relation to the action and the matter proceeded to trial in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Judgement was handed down on 22 January 2015.

The magistrate ruled in favour of the DEWNR employee finding the defence of qualified privilege was not available on the factual findings made by her and awarded damages in the amount of $55,000 plus interest and costs.

The amount of cost payable is yet to be determined but will be significant.  The overall amount of the judgment, interest and all legal costs could be in the order of $200,000.00. Aaron Machado and AMWRRO are jointly and severally liable for the judgement and costs.

This judgement will make it extremely difficult for AMWRRO to survive and may very well have to close down as a consequence.

How You Can Help

The journey ahead of us is not easy. We need to fund raise the $200,000 for legal expenses to keep the organisation, along with all of its vital services alive.

Here’s how you can get involved and HELP SAVE AMWRRO.

  1. Donate to our fundraising campaign at:
  2. Spread the word about our campaign. Tell your friends, family and work colleagues. SHARE IT on social media, websites, in new letters and help get the message out there.
  3. Download, watch and enjoy the AMWRRO documentary. All money from sales and rentals goes directly into the campaign.  Download the documentary at:
  4. Make a valuable donation, hold your own fundraiser and help us raise the money required.


Message from the President

AMWRRO has been relied on by thousands of people in the past 17 years, all of which have been concerned enough to make the call about an injured animal or even waited with it whilst help is on the way.

Thousands of us enjoy watching a pelican glide over the water whilst flight feathers flick the surface, or a dolphin jump high and splash about or a seal thermal regulate in shallow waters off shore.

Yet not everyone understands the time, effort and facilities that are required in order to appropriately care for these amazing animals when they themselves require assistance.

That facility, those people, these animals – they all rely on AMWRRO for assistance and the ability to survive when the going gets tough.

Now it’s our turn to give a little back, to give back to those who have dedicated hundreds hours each month to help these voiceless and amazing animals in need and who have provided a free service to community for 365 days a year – for the past 17 years.

Please help AMWRRO help these animals by donating whatever you can, by holding a fundraiser and by spreading the word about this amazing and much needed organisation.

On behalf of the thousands of animals that will benefit from your assistance today, we at AMWRRO thank you!

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Fantastic effort so far – let keep it up!

AMWRRO volunteers help load Holly the Loggerhead turtle for her long flight and then release.

AMWRRO volunteers help load Holly the Loggerhead turtle for her long flight and then release.

A fantastic effort by everyone involved and thank you for your support.  

AMWRRO has so far raised over $10,000 in only three weeks! Great work by all and thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped spread the word.  

Please help maintain the momentum and great response that we’ve so far received.  Please help by sharing our mycause link and by rallying friends and family members to do the same in an attempt to raise much needed funds to help save the extremely important and life saving organisation. 

Without your support and dedication AMWRRO will have no choice but to close it’s doors to thousands of voiceless animals - that our dedicated team work around the clock to save each and every day. 

Special thanks to North Haven Schools for their continued support and to all those students who helped raise an amazing $5800.00 last week… What a fantastic effort and thank you all once again for your support! 

Please donate today and follow our progress at the AMWRRO mycause page

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Mittens not needed for koala’s rehabilitation.

Dear highly respected and much loved supporters; please do not take this the wrong way as this information is not intended to come across as ungrateful.

AMWRRO has been inundated with emails and Facebook requested for information about mittens.  Unfortunately AMWRRO has never requested mittens as they simply impede the animal’s ability to self-feed, hang onto branches or climb limbs that are in their cages.

Your support is absolutely appreciated, very much needed and greatly respected; however, mittens will not assist any animals AMWRRO is currently caring for with regards to the recent bushfires.

IFAW did request mittens for the east coast of Australia bushfires and some media outlets have without permission used AMWRRO images to promote that request, a request that was never instigated by those professionals who are actually caring for affected animals in South Australia.

We at AMWRRO absolutely love the support we have received, the wonderful emails and kindness shown by warm hearted people from around the world and AMWRRO has created this post to hopefully stop anyone else from wasting valuable time, effort or money.  If anyone is wanting to assist please feel free to donate to AMWRRO by following this link:

AMWRRO is terribly sorry for any confusion caused by media outlet that incorrectly used AMWRRO images to promote this request and please feel free to send any mittens made to IFAW directly for further distribution.

Please watch this short video of Jeremy eating his leaf with bandaged paws:

Thank you all once again and please know that the entire AMWRRO Team are so overwhelmingly thankful for the support we have received and couldn’t do what we do without it!

Warm regards to all our very important and greatly appreciated supporters.

The AMWRRO Team!

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