Found an Injured Marine Animal?

Found an injured marine animal, what should you do?

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about injured animals, on the following pages: seabird    seal    turtle    dolphin/whale

If found in South Australia please contact AMWRRO on 08 8262 5452, if this number is busy and the matter is urgent; please call 08 8378 3364 or 0411 057 551.

AMWRRO is a 24 hour service that responds to injured marine wildlife within South Australia and if required; other states within Australia.

Most wildlife rehabilitation facilities are non-profit organisations that depend heavily on volunteers and donations. If you are interested in learning more about helping marine wildlife species and or considering a volunteer position please contact AMWRRO on

Marine wildlife, just like family pets; need professional care when they are sick or injured. Broken bones and traumatic injuries, diseases and oil spills require veterinary care immediately once the animal is found. AMWRRO volunteers are people who dedicate their time and energy to treating sick and injured marine wildlife and raising orphaned youngsters with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat as soon as possible.

AMWRRO is licensed by the State Governments Department for Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and works closely with several veterinarians and pathologists who specialise in marine wildlife medicine and treatment.

The AMWRRO Clinic (Torrens Island) has full-time access to AMWRRO veterinarians and volunteers when the need arises and is the only organisation in South Australia licensed for marine wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release.

It is against the law in Australia for anyone who is not a licensed by the appropriate departments to possess and treat marine wildlife.