Volunteer at AMWRRO

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to become actively involved with these amazing animals, here’s what you need to do:

AMWRRO’s getting Summer Set 2019/20

Have you got free time on your hands, love marine wildlife, are fit and active and would like to be a part of a specialist team that save hundreds of lives each year? Become a hands on volunteer with AMWRRO today.

AMWRRO is getting “Set for Summer” and wanting to increase our specialist team of hands on volunteers to 50 before the heat of summer sets in.

If you carry a current drivers licence and can travel to Port Adelaide twice a month (minimum twice a month) and want to interact with our incredibly unique marine wildlife species – become a member of AMWRRO today and request a Volunteer Application form to get the ball rolling today.

All training is provided in house and is hands on. No previous wildlife experience required (in fact this is preferred) and boat licences are not a requirement.

STEP 1: Become a member

Download, complete and send in the Membership Application Form along with your payment. Once you receive your membership pack, please contact AMWRRO by email: info@amwrro.org.au and register your interest as a hands on volunteer. A volunteer application form will be sent out to you for completion.

STEP 2: Training

AMWRRO provides all active volunteers training in rescue and rehabilitation techniques. Trained volunteers of AMWRRO can become actively involved in patrols, rescues and rehabilitation.

Membership Packs

You will generally receive your membership pack within 2 weeks. At times there may be delays for special orders e.g. special sized t-shirts etc. The pack includes: T-shirt, calico bag, magnet and key ring.

Volunteer Requirements

Work at AMWRRO is hands-on and physically demanding at times. Volunteers should be physically able to perform all aspects of day to day activities within AMWRRO. Duties may include (but are not limited to): maintaining a clean and well prepared facility, cleaning up after animals, washing animals, feeding, administering medications, cleaning, cleaning and after lunch more cleaning. In order to maintain a high level of success our facility is kept extremely clean, well organised and prepared for anything; all of which is performed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Unfortunately AMWRRO does not accept short term volunteers (6 months minimum) due to the training that is required before one is permitted to start handling and or treating in care animals.

All AMWRRO volunteers are expected to volunteer a minimum of two full days per monthly roster in order to maintain training and hands on experience. Failure to maintain two full days per month will result in being removed from the roster until one is able to commit to a more permanent schedule.

AMWRRO is committed to providing every in care patient with the absolute best care possible; therefore highly trained, competent and reliable people who are willing to dedicate time to AMWRRO are given preference due to the consistency these animals require whilst in care.

Anyone suffering from any physical disability should notify AMWRRO first before wanting to become an active volunteer so that appropriate work can be arranged beforehand. This may include administrative tasks and light weight duties.

All personnel wanting to volunteer at AMWRRO must be a minimum of 18 years of age and carry a current Australian/International driver’s license.

Due to the large number of applications we receive each year, AMWRRO reserves the right to select the most suitable and experienced individuals for volunteer positions.  AMWRRO strives to provide the best possible care for our in-care patients and we also reserve the right to terminate the membership of any volunteer at the end of their probation period (or at any time during and/or after the probation period).