Sponsor an animal

Individuals, families or businesses can also choose to support AMWRRO by way of sponsorship. This can be done by “Sponsoring a Cage”.

AMWRRO large cages

You, your family or company can sponsor a cage and have your name plaque mounted on the cage. Ultimately this sponsorship opportunity means you, your family or company have actually saved these animal’s lives by allowing us to provide the patient with the best care facility possible, including animal feed (human-quality fish), initial vet assessments,The AMWRRO facility has 12 large caged care areas that surround the wetland facility – this is where marine animals are housed whilst on antibiotics or whilst they require intensive care treatment before being released into the large wetland area.

AMWRRO keepers walkway

on-going check ups and the medication that the animal may require throughout its rehabilitation period.

Sponsorship options can also allow for designated people (you, family and friends or company representatives) to be present when “your” animal is released back into the wild. It is great to share this amazing feeling and sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’ve played a significant part in the rescue and rehabilitation of our amazing marine wildlife.

Cage sponsorships are priced from $5,000.00 to $15,000.00; these include photos of the animals when rescued, whilst in rehabilitation and when being released back into the wild.

AMWRRO facility at night

All cage sponsorships allow your name, your family’s or your company’s to be displayed on that cage throughout your sponsorship period (one year).  All animals housed in that particular cage during your sponsorship will be photographed and copies of the photos sent via email to the sponsors.

For more information on cage sponsorship please contact AMWRRO during business hours.

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