Found an Injured Dolphin or Whale?

AMWRRO dolphin rescue Torrens Island (Billie)

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about injured animals on the following pages:

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Q. What should I do if I find a beached dolphin, entangled or injured?

A. Please contact AMWRRO immediately on 08 8262 5452 for assistance and advice


Keep all non-essential people away from this animal as dolphins and small whales are extremely susceptible to stress. Keep all dogs as far away as possible (out of sight and vocal range).

Dolphin and whale skin must be kept wet at all times (you can keep these animals covered with towels and or sheets and maintain wetness with buckets of seawater)

NO DON’T cover or get water inside the blow hole – timing is important when wetting down dolphins and whales – poor small amounts of water over the animal head in between breaths.

Dig a small hole under each of the flippers so that the flippers do not hit or are squashed against the sand. Dolphin and whale skin is pressure sensitive and is important to keep it in good condition; constant rubbing on sand can easily damage their skin and is very painful for the animal.

DO NOT “pat” or “stroke” these animals – this will only add to already increased stress levels.

Keep the animal well shaded and the noise level at an absolute minimum and remember to keep all non-essential people away.