Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation – AMWRRO

Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO), providing a rescue and rehabilitation service for our incredibly unique Australian marine wildlife species.

Found an injured marine animal?

Jenelle our Green Turtle is no longer a “Floater”

Jenelle the Green Turtle is no longer a floater!

After a three weeks of care Jenelle has turned a corner and is now happily able to sit on the bottom of be pond and swim around as oppose to bobbing on the surface like a cork. She has also developed a fantastic appetite for squid and octopus.

AMWRRO is working closely with Sea World in Queensland where she will be transported to in the near future to continue her road to recovery and then released back to the open seas.

Special thanks to our AMWRRO Crew for all their assistance in her rehabilitation; another fantastic success story!

AMWRRO Welcomes New Sponsor

AMWRRO would like to welcome our latest sponsor Hills Sustainable Gardens (HSG) to the AMWRRO Team and thank the company Directors Wade and Sam for dedicating time and effort into the unique AMWRRO Wetland Facilities.

As unique as the AMWRRO Rehabilitation Facilities are, our wetland concept was designed to incorporating a natural wetland facility to those in care animals, however this design takes a lot of time and energy to maintain.

Hills Sustainable Gardens is a qualified horticulture business that has a regular client base of exclusive properties spread all over the Adelaide Hills.  With highly dedicated, qualified and experienced staff, a professional mind-set optimising the daily and weekly schedules in order to suit their customers gardening needs.

hsg-customWhether it is paying special attention to detail required for their delicate flora or whether it’s the close attention to detail of your carefully manicured small or large green lawn areas. HSG has the gardening experience for urban, rural, sophisticated, residential and large commercial properties.

Sustainability for HSG is especially important to their business particularly due to ‘sustainable’ being in their business name.  Sustainability means to be able to maintain gardens to a desirable level for proprietors.

South Australia is regularly drought affected, the team at HSG feel it would be more appropriate to use a landscape concept that does not require overuse of watering thus assisting the Environmental; sustainability whilst at the same time reducing costly time consuming garden maintenance.  Sustainable to HSG also means meeting the other important environmental needs such as promoting native wildlife which includes using an abundance of South Australian native plants which they believe can enhance the look of a property and encourage native wildlife.

AMWRRO 2016 Rescue Calendar Now Available

With Christmas around the corner and the New Year fast approaching AMWRRO would like to present our 2016 Rescue Calendar.

This 13 month calendar highlights just a few of our special rescue and release cases. These 13 beautiful high resolution images of our rescue patients whilst either in care at AMWRRO or whilst being released back into the wild is a very small snapshot of the wonderful work AMWRRO Volunteers are responsible for 7 days a week – 365 days a year.AMWRRO 2016 Rescue Calendar

This fantastic gift idea to family, friends or co-workers will support the very important work AMWRRO performs throughout South Australia and beyond if and when required.

All proceeds of this calendar are dedicated to the ongoing rescue and rehabilitation of our amazing and unique marine wildlife.  Calendars only $20.00

To order your AMWRRO 2016 Rescue Calendar today, please download the Order Form by clicking here and either scanning and emailing it back or, sending it in by post.

There is only a limited number available so please be quick to secure your copy today.

Thank you for your support.