Help find this seal before it’s too late!

An urgent call for people to keep a close eye on our beaches in search for this seal!

Photo thanks to Corinne Hewett

Photo thanks to Corinne Hewett

This adult Australian Sea Lion is in dire need of rescuing and AMWRRO is asking for anyone who lives in the southern regions of Adelaide (between Brighton and Rapid Bay) to please keep an eye open for this fella.

Anyone sighting this animal can contact AMWRRO on 8262 5452 so a rescue team can be sent to attend immediately.

Please note: do not approach this animal closer that 30m and keep all dogs leashed if you’re out looking for him.

Flipper crossed it will not be too late.

Our Navy Seal Released

Release Day Navy CIN1172 (20) (Medium)

Long time AMWRRO crew member Amy releases Navy off shore

After several months in care “Navy” our New Zealand fur seal was finally set free. Navy was named by those who helped rescue her from the States lower Southeast district and was transported to AMWRRO via road. On admission she was extremely dehydrated and suffering an infection in her lower gastrointestinal tract which was rectified over time. She made a full recovery and was released off shore by Amy one of our long term dedicated crew members.

Southern Elephant Seal released


Another success case released after just over two months of care at AMWRRO’s Rehabilitation Facility on Torrens Island.

Elmo our bouncing baby Southern Elephant seal was released on the 10th May 2013 at 8am in the States Lower Southeast district after receiving treatment that surly saved his life.

His initial weight was 55kg and after two months of care Elmo weighed in at a staggering 90kg plus on release – gaining over 35kg in only 9 weeks.

Special thanks to all those AMWRRO volunteers that assisted with his rescue, rehabilitation and release. Flippers crossed he will be making his way back to his home island and lives a long safe life where he belongs.

To watch his release video click here