Dolphin stranding

Dolphins stranded in states north sees rescuers work well into the night to save those still alive.

A busy night for AMWRRO after coordinating the rescue of 4 stranded bottlenose dolphins in the states far north. AMWRRO received the call from local police concerning an unknown number of dolphins that had stranded in a shallow pool after the tide rushed out and caught them off guard.

One of the adult dolphins had unfortunately died and by the time rescuers got back to the others a second one passed away shortly thereafter. The other two adult dolphins were suffering from sun burn and had large numbers of blisters but were refloated after the tide returned.

Special thanks to Kylie and several members of the public who were dealing with the animals on ground through AMWRRO’s direction whilst department officials were being directed to the site to assist. Thanks to Tony for his prompt response and for assisting those on ground well after dark.

After four hours the remaining two dolphins were refloated to allow blood circulation to correct itself before letting them swim off together.

The entire ordeal finishing at 11pm. The two dolphins that passed will be collected and a postmortem examination will be carried out to further investigate the cause of death.

Two dolphins had passed and the others were now kept wet and calm awaiting the incoming tide.

Koala update…

Baby Olivia is doing well and is making the most of her newly finished 50sqm cage – click here to watch a short video of Olivia eating her leaf.

Our bushfire affected koalas have been enjoying the purpose built outdoor cages for over three weeks now and are doing very well considering the injuries they initially presented with.

Olivia making herself at home on Penny’s head!

Unfortunately Narla the worst burnt koala was euthanased a few days ago due to several ongoing medical issues.  The entire AMWRRO team gave 100% ever since taking in these effected animals and much to everyone’s disappointment; Narla’s body had suffered severely and was laid to rest, a very sad moment followed by many tears by all involved. 

The other four koalas: Marley, Penny, Roxy and Olivia are all thriving and enjoying their purpose built cages with special thanks to Mark Pickard C/o Hallett Concrete for supplying and installing the mammoth 130sqm concrete flooring in one day.

These cages are currently being used for koalas but will serve many purposes and help save hundreds of Australian Native animals in years to come.

A special thanks to all those people and businesses who donated money, time, medical goods (and home cooked dinners for our volunteers) to these very important animals, we at AMWRRO thank you very much for your support.

It is very gratifying to know there are people out there who care enough to help these animals by way of supporting those who stand up and do something about a problem as oppose to criticize and cause counterproductive problems for those who actually make a difference to many lives in difficult times such as a bushfire.

To all our supporters and friends of AMWRRO – thank you for supporting our work and for helping all our volunteers get through these difficult and trying times by way of lovely letters, words of encouragement and praising messages, by post and on our Facebook page.

You are who push us to better our ways and help us save those who are voiceless in times of need; you are all the voice of the voiceless.

Thank you AMWRRO Management.    


New purpose built “dry docking” facilities at AMWRRO

Both cages = over 90sqm

Almost there! The new purpose built dry docking facilities at AMWRRO are only days away from completion. This new bank of purpose built cages will allow AMWRRO to better accommodate those terrestrial native animals we are asked to deal with on a daily bases, including koalas.

Inside the large 50sqm cage

The largest of the two banks is a mammoth 50sqm which can be divided into two 25sqm cages if need be. The other smaller bank is 40sqm that is divided into 4 smaller 10sqm cages for confined cage care.

These cages were built by the dedicated team of AMWRRO volunteers over the past two weeks and flippers crossed the concrete floor will be poured this weekend ready for use by early next week.