Tulka bushfire victim arrives at AMWRRO’s Wildlife Hospital

As devastating as bushfires are for us humans due to the loss of our homes, livelihood, way of life, pets and ultimately our loved ones; this little Koala is also suffering the greatest loss of all.

Treatment started moments after arriving at AMWRRO


Not only is she a victim of this bushfire and is suffering partial thickness burns to all her hands and feet; she was also carrying a pouch/back young joey which has now surely perished.  With an enlarged nipple which is still producing milk this young female is lucky to be alive due to her burns; unfortunately the same cannot be said for your baby.


This little fighter was rescued from the Tulka bushfire region and taken to the Lincoln Veterinary Centre for treatment before being flown to Adelaide where she underwent a mammoth 2 hour procedure to treat severe burns to almost 10% of her body at AMWRRO’s Wildlife Hospital – Torrens Island.


Partial thickness burns are treated accordingly

She remains in Intensive Care in a stable condition.


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Farwell Katrina!

After several months in care Katrina the Fiordland Crested Penguin is finally being released tomorrow morning at a secluded beach in the Lower South East district.  The road for this bird has been long to say the least and at times very bumpy but after several talks with DEWNR Directors the approval for her release was granted.

Katrina preening and looking great

Unfortunately we were forbidden by the Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife to transport her to the east coast of Tasmania for release due to a supposed “biosecurity” risk!  Nonetheless, Katrina will be transported overnight and release at first light tomorrow morning (swimming straight passed Tasmania!) and with flippers crossed she will make her way back home.

A very special thank you to “Katrina and her family” from the Lower South East who assisted in getting this lucky bird to Adelaide for treatment; Dr. Lisa for performing the lifesaving surgery and to all those dedicated hardworking AMWRRO volunteers who cared for over the past five months.

New AMWRRO Cages

Due to the ever growing number of terrestrial native animals AMWRRO is asked to deal with by the general public and other wildlife organisations on a daily basis; AMWRRO has partly finished the construction of the first of two “banks” of cages purpose built to hold terrestrial native animals.

AGL Riggers securing the cages

These cages will temporarily hold these animals whilst they undergo treatment and can be closely monitored during this process before being handed back to carers and or, released where found.

AMWRRO management believes that any “Australian native animal” that requires assistance should be giving the best possible treatment available and that includes their holding facilities.  Whilst receiving treatment these animals can now be held in purpose built cages that will accommodate their needs and or, dry dock marine animals that require this type of holding for temporary treatments.

With the first of two “banks” of cages are near completion; the dedicated AGL Rigging crew were asked to lend a hand to help lift this 1.1ton purpose build cage in to position.  Special thanks to AGL and the rigging team who lifted and placed these cages in perfect position with ease!