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Juvenile Crested Penguin found in the states Lower South East – again!


Crested Penguin Arrives at AMWRRO

Meet Kym – a juvenile Crested Penguin (possibly Fiordland, Erect or Snares penguin) that was found late yesterday in the states Lower South East (Beachport).   The bird was held over night and flown to Adelaide for treatment today (2nd July).This extremely young bird is very sick and underweight after the very long journey west from the New Zealand region.  All of the above species are extremely rare to be found in Australia – let alone one as young as this! This bird is approximately 6+ months old and flippers crossed we can pull it through.

This bird was found in side the Lake George entrance approximately 100m in a recently dug out drain! Excavators had dug out the drain in order to increase the flow of seawater into Lake George region, luckily this little bird was found by Beachport resident Lisa and her family early on Sunday evening and who contacted AMWRRO for advice.

Flippers crossed this little bird can be saved and released sooner rather than later.

Emma’s Story

Meet Emma, an Australian fur seal pup that was found on the west coast of Port Lincoln on Sunday afternoon by a Lincoln local “Ben” whilst walking the beach.  Emma was being smashed up against

AMWRRO's Head Vet Dr. Boardman & AMWRRO Clinic Manager Kerry with Emma after surgery

rocks before Ben came to the rescue and pulled her free and out of harm’s way. Ben contacted AMWRRO for advice and did what not many people would do for a wild animal!

After explaining what Emma’s body was doing it was clear that she required immediate assistance.

After receiving advice from AMWRRO; Ben collected Emma from the beach, drove her to a vet surgery to collect a suitable carry cage and then dropped Emma at the airport for the next flight into Adelaide.

With thanks to AMWRRO sponsor – Australian Air Express Emma touched down in Adelaide only hours after the initial call and was transported to AMWRRO for treatment.  Yesterday Emma underwent a major surgery to remove over 20 rocks from her stomach and she is currently in intensive care in the AMWRRO clinic. Emma is still far from stable but flippers crossed she can pull through.

Fiordland Penguin survives a 2900+km swim from New Zealand!

Meet Katrina! A sub adult Fiordland Penguin that made her way to Carpenters Rocks (Lower South East of South Australia) from the South Islands of New Zealand – approximately 2900+km east, south east of Adelaide!
Katrina the Fiordland Penguin

She was found late yesterday afternoon by a DENR officer on the beach; hypothermic, extremely emaciated and exhausted.

This young bird was taken to Katrina C/o Friends of Native Wildlife – South East (hence she has been named after her) and who contacted AMWRRO immediately with the exciting news of anunusual looking penguin in her care.

Within the hour AMWRRO had arranged to have this bird flown to Adelaide via the Mt. Gambier airport and with special thanks to Katrina who acted with extreme care and efficiency in getting this bird to the airport in time; the bird was delivered to Australian Air Express personnel with strict instructions by Katrina who explained the importance of this animal and to handle her with extreme care.

AMWRRO received the bird late last night and is currently stabilizing her at the AMWRRO clinic – Torrens Island. Katrina has an open wound to her lower abdominal cavity and is extremely underweight but is otherwise in reasonable condition. Flippers crossed we can save this extremely rare and beautiful animal!